Promoting innovative sustainability

Quirky Plastics is a nonprofit organization committed to reducing the amount of pigmented and #3-7 plastic waste that is discarded in landfills.

While we would like to think that everything we toss in our recycle bin is actually recycled, in reality pigmented and #3-7 plastics are recycled at much lower rates than clear and white #1 and #2 plastics. The reason? Material Recovery Facilities don’t recycle what companies won’t buy, so these plastics largely end up in landfills. Since clear/white plastics are easier to dye new colors, there is a higher demand for these plastics. Meanwhile, perfectly good colored plastics are being thrown in landfills.

Multi-colored recycled plastic can easily be dyed a solid dark color or be left colorful as a visible sign of sustainability. In some scenarios, recycled colored plastic starting materials provide a cost benefit.

Quirky Plastics is here to change that

We certify companies that use recycled colored plastics and #3 - 7 plastics in their products instead of only focusing on clear and #1 -2 plastic starting materials. These companies are keeping less frequently recycled plastics out of landfills, showing they are truly committed to reducing ALL plastic waste.


Companies that are using recycled colored plastics and/or #3-7 plastics can receive their Quirky Plastics Certification and print the QP logo on their products, packaging, and/or website to show their customers they are committed to innovative sustainability. We also highlight all of our Quirky Plastics Certified companies on our website, so environmentally conscious consumers know which companies share their values. It’s a win for your company, a win for consumers, and a win for the planet.

If you are interested in becoming Quirky Plastics certified please contact us at so we can learn more about what plastics your company is using.

cURRENTLY USING COLORED and/or #3-7 recycled plastic 

Not cURRENTLY USING COLORED and/or #3-7 recycled plastics 

manufacturing processes don’t have to change
we can connect you to suppliers & help make the transition

Benefits to being quirky plastics certified

  • Your products are keeping neglected plastics out of landfills

  • Your branding can highlight that you are not just sustainable but willing to go above & beyond what most companies are doing with recycled plastics

  • We help you make the transition to new starting materials so you have support

  • We advertise your company and products on our website so new, environmentally conscious customers can find them